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Diane is a fantastic, intuitive coach. In our sessions, she has asked questions that challenge me to consider where I may be sabotaging my own progress, failing to honor my own needs, or forgetting to celebrate my successes. I love working with her and recommend her to others who are considering hiring a coach!

                                                             - Juli Geske-Peer, President, Peer Performance Solutions

Diane has been instrumental in helping me navigate the pressures involved with an early stage start up. She has helped me to find clarity in my goals and to balance work/life commitments. She has also been integral in helping me to get unstuck when the path forward was unclear. I would highly recommend working with Diane.

                                                                                                   - Danielle Levine, Social Entrepreneur

We wanted to add another layer of support for our women in trades training participants at Okanagan College.  We sought out and hired Diane @ Heart & Harmony Coaching and Consulting for the high level of professionalism and thoughtful intelligence she presented.  Diane began delivering her own workshops in support of our Gateway to the Building Trades for Women programs.  After the workshops, Diane met individually with our participants to set personal goals and discuss challenges, then to build career goals and engage strategies to help students achieve them.  This was a successful model with so many positive student outcomes.  We asked Diane for more advice on how to grow these supports to best fit our needs. From there, we worked with Diane to develop a bigger plan adding confidence, self-awareness and emotional intelligence workshops with follow-up student meetings that support understanding.  Moving forward we plan to include more of Diane’s professional coaching services to enhance student outcomes in all of our Women in Trades Programs.

We are very impressed with Diane and the connection she is able to develop with the students in a relatively short timeframe.  The students are receptive to Diane’s gentle, thoughtful manner and focused, professional style.  Diane has become an excellent role-model and mentor to our women, as well as a valued member of our Women in Trades Training team. 

                                                                                                                                             - Nancy Darling, M.Ed. Women in Trades Training, Okanagan College

I found Diane to be excellent. She was probing yet compassionate. She helped guide me

to discover my own truths and develop life goals in alignment with my heart. 

                                                                                                                               - Pamela Doherty

My first 30 min complimentary interview with Diane went very well. She asked the right questions to dive deeper into figuring out who I am and what I value most. Also,

if she wanted more clarification on something I said or something I wrote in my brief description from Noomii, she asked. I look forward to continue working with Diane!

Diane was able to understand and discifer my stories/experiences to what I value and enjoy. She is knowledgeable and gives great insight on where she thought I needed advice or direction. I felt comfortable with her to open up the tougher topics. We had lots to explore and talk about that we could have talked alot longer. I would highly recommend Diane Jolicoeur to others.

                        - Kellie

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