The path to better understanding and living a life of meaning and fulfillment can take many detours with bruises and blessings along the way to our true self - the  place of authenticity, breadth, and presence.


Change is constant, and we are growing beings. For anything to grow successfully, it must be given care, attention (awareness) and kindness. In this, positive change is not only achievable, but joyful, enlightening and lasting.


So many of us are stuck because we fear, we procrastinate because we fear, and we hold onto fear, in part, because we don’t really believe something better lies in the unknown - the other side of fear, which is the only place we can truly know. In this, we’re not alone - we are connected and we advance together as we choose. 


Be it changing career, fulfilling a personal desire or professional goal, or overcoming obstacles that are holding us back, there is profound freedom and empowerment in braving the path to conquering our perceived limitations and limiting beliefs. 


We give from our heart when we live from our heart through being aligned with what we value and what we love to the betterment of our own lives and those we are privileged to be surrounded by and serve.

                                      Diane Jolicoeur

Always a student of life experiences, I find much  joy in working with others through the challenges and barriers they face along the way to achieving their goals to gaining clarity and confidence at the various crossroads of their personal or professional journey. 


I welcome the opportunity to work with you or your organization to support you on this path.


 - Diane      

Diane Jolicoeur is the owner, coach, consultant of Heart & Harmony Coaching and Consulting


The name "Heart & Harmony" is intended to convey the congruency we experience when who we are and our goals are aligned with the path we choose. 


Diane approaches coaching from an intuitive and compassionate perspective. A broad and reflective life experience enables her to understand the joy and empowerment clients can experience when they clear the fog and overcome obstacles to finding a genuine connection between who they are and what they do.


Diane’s Qualifications and Experience include:

  • Certified Personal, Professional Development Coach - Certified Coaches Alliance

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach - Certified Coaches Alliance

  • President-Elect, International Coach Federation (ICF) - BC Interior  

  • Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner

  • Mental Health First Aid Certificate - Mental Health Commission of Canada

  • Business Development - Community Futures Certificate Program

  • Human Resources - Employee Relations and Recruitment

  • Career Solutions Associate with Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge

  • Marketing and Event Management

  • And, a love of Photography and the Performing Arts


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