Organizations: Coach and conduct workshops for leaders and individual contributors to support well-being in the workplace and cultivate a work enviornment of collaboration and respect. 


Individually: Coach through challenges of stress and time management; career identification and growth, and sabotaging beliefs and perceptions in leadership.



Through personal development coaching, I work with with individuals to arrive at their own undiscovered insights and solutions to break through beliefs and barriers in their life that keep them from identifying want they want and how to achieve it. This begins with gaining a better understanding and appreciation of themselves and their values so they can move forward with a clearer perspective from which to acquire lasting, meaningful, and authentic change.



Specialized Areas include:

- Career Clarity: Identity your career path through discovery of values and interests, and explore the obstacles that have kept you from moving forward 

- Confidence and Courage: Identifying the Sabateur(s) that hold us back and acquire skills to grow from sabatoge to strength

- Leadership - Tap into your ability to be an empowered leader through emotional intelligence, effective communication and coach-approach mentorship

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Know Your Flow - Using the energy peaks of your mind and body to achieve effective time management

Confidence - The strength and freedom in humility, honesty and courage. 

Creating Calm - Exploring Thoughts, Beliefs and Behaviours to Manage Stress 

Success Skills - Working and Leading in Emotional Intelligence and Well-Being

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- Creating your resume, developing interviewing skills, or identifying your meaningful career path. Click here to inquire about services regarding your career transition.


 - Employer Advisory Services: Supporting employers in dealing with relational and behavioural challenges in the workplace using a coaching model.

-  Recruitment: Provide recruitment services to meet staffing needs.

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EFT is based on the discovery by Dr. Roger Callahan who, through studying the techniques of massage therapy and acupuncture, explored how to use meridian pathways as a technique for emotional release. Further developed by Gary Craig, EFT uses specific tapping points along the meridian pathways (tapping with your fingers on specific areas of the body) to redirect energy, align the mind/body energy system, and free energy flows. Research and experience has proven that EFT has be used to provide relief from: physical pain, emotional issues, disorders, addictions, phobias, and stress. Please contact me for more information, or to book a session, Click Here.


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