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The Veil of Success Sabotage

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Somehow along the way, we lose sight of our goals behind the veil of procrastination, excuses, self-doubt, negative habits, distractions, judgements… all clouding our vision and holding us back from accomplishing our intentions

The path to living in meaningful purpose is met with the challenge to grow beyond our safe places, and sabotage is the fear behind the behaviours and beliefs that holds us back. The following are some strategies that can help towards noticing sabotage and staking your claim to what tugs at your heart.

1. Be Clear about what you want. Indecisiveness is a thief of progress. Too much time spent examining choices can keep you from making any at all. It is in moving forward that we know if we’re on the right track or need to adjust.

2. Avoid Negative Self-Talk and be your own champion. When you hear this sabotaging voice, engage the tools you need to in-still confidence, courage, and motivation i.e. encouraging books, podcasts, music, exercise, meditation… whatever it is for you, use it to inspire you.

3. Find Comfort in the Discomfort. The road to fulfilling your goal will challenge you. These challenges can create tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth if you allow them to.

4. Avoid Comparisons and remember, no one else is you. Someone will always be better at something than you and vice versa. This is not a competition, it’s a collaboration of love. Shine your light and commend the light of those around you.

5. Notice the Time Wasters, the distractions, and avoidances. Becoming aware of these behaviours can help you in making different choices that will empower you and bring you back to the big picture.

6. Surround Yourself with Supportive People. Stay close and spend your valuable time with those who support you and your desires.

It’s important that along the way, you examine your beliefs and behaviours to ensure you are being honest with yourself, give yourself the means to succeed, and remain true to your goals.

The journey consists of one moment, one breath, one step at a time and celebrating those steps along the way.

Written by: Diane Jolicoeur


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